Need some help ?
Having a little problem ?
1 Don't panic.

Our customer support representatives work to help you on any matter affecting your account. Our billing and technical support teams will guide you through the steps to recover your account, contact information and other information securely.
2 Change your password without delay.

If you can still login to your account. Check as soon as possible if your account information has changed (such as your contact information), which would actually be a sign that someone has been able to access your account.
3 Recover access to your account.

Use the online form. We will reset your password and you will regain access to your TheDNS account and services.
4 No access ?

If so, your account has been hacked. You can contact us at

In order to speed up the procedure we invite you to send us the following information :

  • Your account ID.

  • Old e-mail address.

  • New email address (If required).

  • A copy of both sides of your identity card.

  • Your phone number.
  • 5 Implement appropriate countermeasures.

    Once you know how your account has been hacked, you can take the necessary steps to prevent this from happening again in the future.

  • Information sharing :
    The most common account theft occurs when a user voluntarily shares their credentials with another person. It can be someone you know and trust in real life, or someone who uses "social engineering" to get information.

  • Phishing e-mails :
    « Phishing » is the strategy most often used by account thieves. In many cases of « piracy », it can be traced back to phishing schemes. E-mails and websites pretend to be official communications from TheDNS in order to encourage you to voluntarily disclose your login information to them. Phishing emails require your password and login credentials. TheDNS never asks for your password.

  • Computer viruses :
    Some hackers steal accounts using computer viruses and other malware, including keyloggers. At a minimum, this can demolish your facility. At worst, you face irreparable damage to your computer, credit card theft or even identity theft.

  • Malicious sites :
    Malicious sites attack the weak points of your browser and try to install malicious programs on your computer, with results similar to those of viruses. These sites can jump out at you... or be designed to look exactly like TheDNS's sites. A good way to locate them is to look at their addresses.
  • 6 Be patient.

    Although conscientious and efficient, our support teams need time to study your case in detail. Please be patient while your case is being processed, and be assured that you will be contacted as soon as possible.