What is a cookie?
A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your device (computer, smartphone, tablet...) when you visit certain websites. In particular, cookies enable these websites to store and retrieve information concerning the browsing habits of the user of a site or its equipment and, depending on this information, to recognise it.
However, the data obtained are limited. They concern only the language of the site, the monetary currency and the referent of your sponsorship if you clicked on an advertising link in favour of our services.
The cookies used on this website :
The cookies used on this website store an identifier or instructions to manage the user's navigation on our site. They expire during or after the session, or after a period not exceeding 13 months, in accordance with the recommendations of the CNIL.
The cookies used on this website allow :
Cookies and third party trackers :
These are cookies or trackers downloaded to your device by third parties (partners, advertisers, etc.) when you visit certain pages on our site.
These entities have undertaken to comply with the legislation in force regarding cookies/trackers and guarantee the implementation of measures to protect and secure the data collected.
You can authorize, block or delete cookies installed on your computer by setting your browser options. For the most common browsers.
Finally, we would like to inform you that disabling a cookie could prevent or make it difficult to navigate or provide the services offered on our website.