TeamSpeak 3 Server Rental
Anti-DDOS, TeamSpeak Viewer, Full Panel. Available in Europe, Canada, USA and Asia.
Version v3.7.1
Slots 32
Port 9987
Storage 25 Gb
Dedicated IP
TeamSpeak with a free license 32 Slots. You can apply for free at to have 1024 Slots if you are a non-profit community of players.
Subscribe Now
5.00 € / Month
Post on your site users connected
on your TeamSpeak.
File Storage
Exchange files directly
into TeamSpeak.
DDoS Protection
A network protected by
Arbor & Tilera.
Custom HostName
Not need IP and PORT.
Custom Hostname (DNS SRV).
Access QueryPort
Access QueryPort for more
You can encrypt your audio chat for more security.
Backup and restore your
Codecs HD
Enjoy the Opus audio
easy to use.
Without Engagement
No long term
Multiple Datacenter Locations
With our 6 location optimize the responsiveness of your dialogues.

The TheDNS network team continuously optimizes
our routing and peering agreements in all of our regions.
Europe Region
FR / Paris
FR / Roubaix
DE / Frankfurt
GB / London
PL / Varsovia
America Region
CA / Beauharnois
Asia Region
AU / Sydney